We visit preschools during or after the school hours to provide science lessons appropriate for 3-5 year olds.

After school
enrichment programs

We provide 60 min after school
science enrichment classes
for K-2nd graders.

parks & Rec

Look for our classes in the Parks & Rec course catalogs of Arlington, Fairfax and the City of Alexandria.

We want our classes to build a love of science and learning

Many of these topics will be new to our students and the goal is for their first introduction to be a fun learning experience; one they will remember when they encounter the topic later in their education. With familiarity in the topics, students are more likely to enjoy them when introduced again.

Interactive classes designed for 3-8 year olds

  • All supplies and equipment provided.
  • A note for parents with each class explaining “What we learned today….” and how to “Continue the lesson at home….
  • One hour programs include a science journal component that will go home with the student at the end of the course.


Instead of offering sessions in topic themes, we aim for students to understand the breadth of science… science is big and broad! Therefore, any time your child is enrolled in our classes, whether it is an after school program, Parks & Rec through the County classes or during their regular preschool day, they will have a variety of topics from the different science disciplines. By experiencing a broad range of topics, we hope all children will learn that they love science!

Example Topics

  • Biology & Nature (e.g. Human Body, Explore the Seashore, Germs)
  • Nutrition (e.g. Eat a Rainbow, Farming a Pizza)
  • Chemistry (e.g. Liquid, Solid, Gas, Acids & Bases, Dissolving)
  • Physics (e.g. Forces & Gravity, Flight, Balance)
  • Geology (e.g. Volcanoes, Solar System, Water Cycle)

Program options

Our program is flexible to the needs of the school.

For Parks & Rec programs, we provide classes to the public in local community centers.

For preschools, we most often visit during the regular preschool day as part of the school’s regular school schedule. In this way, every 3-5 yr old student in the preschool attends our classes. Preschools sometimes offer an after school program that takes place in the first hour after school, allowing students who enroll to stay an extra hour for science fun.

For elementary schools, we provide science classes as part of their after school enrichment program. Students must enroll to attend.

For all three of these program types, the classes are similar, with longer classes allowing for more time exploring the activities.

Teacher Workshops

The Science Seed will visit your teachers for staff enrichment in the sciences! We explain how to bring science and scientific thinking into all your preschool activities. We’ll provide ideas for toys and books for the classroom as well as suggesting ways to bring science into circle time, story time, recess, art, and more! Workshops last 1 – 2 hours.

View our Teacher Workshop Flyer for more information.