Enriching children’s natural curiosity
through science

Planting a love of science

The Science SeedTM is a science enrichment program that teaches geology, chemistry, biology, physics, nature and nutrition in fun, interactive and age-appropriate ways.

Based in Arlington, VA, our program is designed to develop a love of science that will last a lifetime. Children are natural scientists, curious and full of the desire to observe and explore. Preschool and early elementary are the perfect times to start a lifelong love of science by introducing students to basic concepts.

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Programs & Camps

Preschool Programs

We visit preschools during or after the school hours to provide science lessons appropriate for 3-5 year olds.

After school enrichment programs

We provide 60 mins after school science enrichment classes for K-2nd graders.

parks & Rec Programs

Look for our classes in the Parks & Rec course catalogs of Arlington, Fairfax and the City of Alexandria.


A full day or full week of science fun when school isn't in session

Interested in a teacher's workshop?

We offer workshops for preschool staff to learn about how to incorporate science into the everyday classroom routine.
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Want to visit with animals? See a real space shuttle? Create fun experiments at home? Or go on a virtual field trip?

Explore the many resources that we have available to help make
your children’s science dreams a reality.

Our team

Owner, Allegra Jabo

Allegra Jabo received her BS in Biology and her MS in Biogeochemistry of Corals and worked a variety of science positions from teaching marine science in the FLA Keys to research at the Smithsonian. She started her science enrichment business in 2007 when her oldest daughter began preschool, and The Science Seed concept began.


Our teachers come to us with a variety of teaching experiences. They are former or current public/private school, preschool or nature center teachers. They share a love of the classroom and of growing kids’ love of science.


Join our mailing list to hear about upcoming classes, camps, and fun resources!