The Science Seed

planting a love of science



If you are looking for a great program to enrich your Science curriculum The Science Seed is fantastic. They first came during camp and the children absolutely love it. Our Our 3s and 4s absolutely love the program and I love that they give a little note to send home to parents. We are definitely doing it again next year. Ann Stich
Director Corpus Christi
Early Childhood Center

Thanks for your terrific teaching which has inspired my children’s deep interest in science! My son is the type of kid who would never talk about school at home to us. The only exception is after he has your class. Then we hear all about it with his non-stop talking at dinner table. We started to show them Nature and National Geographic videos to follow up on your class. Your slips of the content of the class are great leads for us. As a Chinese, I always find the American schools or society emphasizes too little about science. Your class totally changed my view on this. So thank you for teaching such a great class on science and teaching in the way that captures the kids’ imagination. I am just amazed how powerful your teaching is!

Lily Chen


I thought of you today at the playground — my daughter took Science Seed in kindergarten at St. Thomas More and is now in 2nd grade. Today when I was pushing her on the tire swing, she nonchalantly said that a swing is a simple machine. When I asked her where she learned that (thinking that she must have learned in class sometime recently or from one of her books), she said she learned it in Science Seed. That was almost two years ago! This is not that unusual – she often talks about things she learned and did in Science Seed. Thanks for developing such a great program!

Marissa Mauer


Keep up the good work – Julia’s vocabulary and imagination are growing leaps and bounds thanks to your class!

Jeanne Mathis


My 3 year old is taking this class through Arlington DPR and loves it – he’s been getting up in the morning and asking to go to science class. He really impressed his grandmother and aunts with his knowledge of gravity.

Arlington Mom

We loved having The Science Seed enrichment class in our preschool. It was the first time we had tried something of this nature and The Science Seed folks worked closely with us to design a program that was right for us. The Science Seed leaders are excellent educators, using a hands on approach and a variety of activities to hold the interest of our 3 and 4 year old friends! Their flexibility, knowledge of the subject matter, and mindfulness of our kids ages and energy was invaluable. Each of our 10 weeks was better than the last! Every lesson was well planned and executed and the children had a great time. The added bonus was the note home to parents each week about the day’s activities and the Journal of work that parents received after the last class. We are already looking forward to next year!

Dina Backer

Preschool Site Director, JCCNV-Beth El, Alexandria

I’m thrilled that my five-year-old has learned how to explain concepts like the changes in states of matter. In the kitchen, he points out things that are changing from solids to liquids or from liquids to gasses. Most of all, I love they way he is learning that science is fun. When I pick him up, he can’t wait to tell me about everything he did in The Science Seed.

Ann MacPhail