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Arlington County Parks & Recreation Classes

Arlington County Parks & Recreation classes

Check out this series of classes that introduce children to science, including geology, chemistry, biology, physics and nature.  Classes are taught in fun, interactive and age-appropriate ways to ensure that your child not only has fun, but builds a foundation for a love of science and learning that grows with them. Each class includes a note for the parents about what was taught and how you can continue the lesson at home. 

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The class will have a maximum of 14 students and 1 teacher.  We are asking that parents drop their kids in the class and wait outside the classroom (or nearby in the community center) similar to a dance or gymnastics class, so that they are available to assist their own child with potty breaks.  However, if the instructor feels a student would benefit more in class with the parent present, she will invite the parent into the classroom.

Classes offered via Arlington County Parks & Recreation

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Topic Schedule

Our topic schedule is designed so that your student can take 5 consecutive sessions without repeating a lesson.  Alternatively, your student could take the class only in one particular season and topics would be different from year to year. See below for which topics are taught in each group.
Session/Year 2021 2022  2023
Winter N/A  Group 2  Group 1
Spring N/A  Group 3  Group 2
Summer N/A  Group 4  Group 3
Fall Group 1  Group 5  Group 4

Group 1

  • Physics: Gravity
  • Physics: Balance
  • Nature: Leaves
  • Geology: Shadows/Day & Night
  • Chemistry: Liquid, Solid, Gas
  • Biology: Skin

Group 2

  • Physics: Magnets
  • Geology: Solar System
  • Geology: Volcanoes
  • Chemistry: Mixing & Diffusing
  • Biology: Human Body
  • Biology: Senses

Group 3

  • Physics: Light
  • Nature: Homes & Habitats
  • Geology: Fossils
  • Physics: Sink or Float
  • Chemistry: Acids & Bases
  • Biology: Animal Classification

Group 4

  • Geology: Water Cycle
  • Physics: Flight
  • Nature: Explore the Seashore
  • Geology: Recycling
  • Chemistry: Dissolving
  • Biology: Magnification

Group 5

  • Physics: Simple Machines
  • General: Measurement
  • Geology: Rock Cycle
  • Biology: Life Cycles
  • Chemistry: Energy
  • Biology: Germs