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Registration: Westgate

This is a science enrichment during-school program at Westgate Child Center in Falls Church, VA. 

This session is available for 3-6 year old Westgate students only.

DESCRIPTION:  The Science Seed™ is a science enrichment program designed to develop a love of science that will last a lifetime. We strive to introduce kids to the vastness of science…science is more than potions!  The Science Seed™ has topics from all of the major disciplines.  Your students will have lessons in Physics, Biology & Nature, Chemistry, Geology/Earth Science, and more. Each class your student will come home with a note for parents with information on what we did that day and how to continue the lesson at home.  On the last day of each session, they’ll bring home their science journal, a tool we use to teach students about scientists as observers, note takers, writers, illustrators and authors.

SCHEDULE: Fridays, 9:00-10:00 am or 10:00 – 11:00 am (Due to popular demand, we added an extra class!  Westgate will determine the best section for your student).

FALL:  Sept 20 – Nov 8  Topics:  Measurement, Germs, Traffic Light Foods, Magnification, Fossils, Dissolving, Mixing & Diffusing, Flight

WINTER:  Jan 24 – Mar 13 Topics:  Human Body, Magnets, Volcanoes, Skin, Homes & Habitats, Liquid/Solid/Gas, Solar System, Gravity

SPRING:  Sept 20 – Nov 8  Topics:  Animal Classification, Recycling, Sink or Float, Explore the Seashore, Energy, Leaves, Simple Machines, Shadows/Day & Night

COST:  $144 for each session.  You will be billed through Westgate Child Center.  Prior to the spring session, you will receive a reminder email and given a chance to withdraw from the class.


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*There are no refunds for classes missed by your child if your child is absent from school. If a class needs to be canceled due to inclement weather or other reason, every effort will be made to schedule a make-up class.
*When submitting this registration, I understand my child will be automatically registered for all three sessions. I will be billed automatically by Westgate Child Center prior to each session unless I withdraw my child from the class. An email reminder will be sent before billing occurs.

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